Six years ago, I started Clipboard Health with the idea of helping people move up the socio-economic ladder. I walked that path with my parents when I was young, as an immigrant building a new life in the United States, and I wanted to make sure it stayed open for anyone ready to…
When the engineering team at Clipboard Health adopts a new tool, we can’t afford to be afraid of failure. As a company undergoing rapid growth, we have…
Recently, a message was sent in our #marketplace-tuning Slack channel. Just as it sounds, #marketplace-tuning is our company’s channel dedicated to…
We talk about new "Silicon Valleys," providing value for every type of user, and the good kind of change.
We talk about customer centric orientations, maintaining a sense of urgency and working with people you like.
We talk about jumping into new adventures, coaching yourself and others, and the importance information when making big choices.
We talk about automating yourself out of a job, building customer confidence, and very cold weather
We talk with Alexey about the possibilities of Web3, engineering from an early age and remote work bringing similar people together
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Creating Value from Nothing